Affordable Audio Equipment In Nashville

Sound Systems and Stage Lighting for Rent in Nashville and Surrounding Areas.

Here you will find frequently asked questions about our sound system rental services and audio equipment in Nashville. Please take a few minutes to review these FAQs and see if they provide the answers you are looking for.

If you still have questions or would like a custom quote on a sound system or music gear for rent in Nashville, please contact us at (615) 913-8020 for quick and convenient service.


Q. How much does it cost to rent a PA system?

A. Our "intimate system" rents for as low as $150. We have full “Club Systems” that start at $350. These are complete PA systems for smaller venues that can even include stage lights!

Q. How do I know exactly how much PA system I need?

A. Every venue is different. It’s best to gather as much information as you can about the event such as; Is the event indoors or out? How big is the area you need to cover with sound? How many people will be there? Just how loud do you want it to be? Call us with this info and we'll be happy to set you up with exactly what you'll need.

Q. Does Stage Rite Sound rent stages?

A. Yes we do! Visit our stages page for details.

Q. What forms of payment do you take?

A. Cash, check, CC, Venmo, PayPal

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?

A. 90% of our rentals require signing a simple contract. ID is also required.

Q. Is payment due upon pick-up/delivery or return?

A. Payment is due upon pick-up/delivery when the contract is signed.

Q. How do I set up a rental PA?

A. When your rental PA is picked up or delivered a sound technician will go over every piece of the puzzle with you to make sure you have a complete understanding of how it works. Stage Rite Sound will also be available to talk or text you through any problems.

Q. Do you deliver sound systems?

A. Yes we do. A small delivery fee may be added to your invoice.

Q. Can I use my own microphones?

A. Yes. We suggest using ours, however, you are welcome to use your own.

Q. Do you have wireless microphones?

A. Yes we do. We have wireless handheld and wireless lavalier microphones.

Q. Do you have wireless IEM (in-ear monitor) systems?

A. Yes

Q. Do I need stage lights?

A. The need for stage lighting is often overlooked. If your event is held after the sun goes down, chances are, you’ll need stage lighting.

Q. Do you have moving lights?

A. Yes

Q. Do all the necessary cables come with a PA rental?

A. Yes. Everything you need to hook up your rented PA system is included. Mic cords, extension cords, DMX lighting cables, IEC power cords, etc.

Q. Does a soundman come with a PA rental?

A. One certainly can. Of course, there is an additional fee for their services but in most cases it’s well worth it.

Q. What happens if my rented gear breaks down?

A. Stage Rite Sound keeps all of its gear well maintained and tested. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that something does break down please call us immediately and we will figure out the best solution for your situation. The show must go on! If, upon carefully researching the problem it is determined that the gear was faulty, Stage Rite Sound will take responsibility for replacing the gear within reason. If it is determined that the breakdown is the fault of the renter, that renter will take full responsibility for replacing/repairing the gear. This is all explained in our rental contracts.