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Sound Equipment Rental in Nashville

Sound Systems and Music Gear for Rent in Nashville and Surrounding Areas.

Whether you're planning a weel long festival or your band's first big gig, Stage Rite Sound Company has you covered with unparalleled sound equipment rental in Nashville, TN. Drawing on years of experience, we offer a variety of sound system speaker rentals designed to make your event sound fabulous.

The Benefits of Working With a Professional Sound Engineer in Nashville

Choosing a sound engineer in Nashville for live events with music, such as a concert, a theater show, a wedding, etc. is essential when you care about the event's sound quality. You may not have consciously noticed them at other live events, as they often blend into the background in a black t-shirt and trousers, but they’re always there, working their sound magic behind the mixing desk.

Consider having a sound professional from Stage Rite Sound company on hand for your next event to ensure a quality sound experience and remedy potential problems. Many professional musicians can set up a simple PA system, but a good sound engineer can really lift the performance to the next level and help to make sure your event runs smoothly. Having a dedicated sound engineer available to sort mishaps quickly will mean your guests can enjoy quality entertainment, uninterrupted.

With a fabulous sound engineer, your guests leave your event raving about the awesome band you hired, rather than complaining that the singer was just a bit too quiet. They’ll remember the vibe of the room or event and won’t be lamenting that the piercing feedback during the best man’s speech left everyone with ringing in their ears.

Sound Systems

We have complete sound systems and music gear for rent in Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas. Enhance your show and make your life easier with sound equipment rental services so complete that all you have to do is focus on entertaining your audience and guests.

Available For:

  • Private Parties
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Acoustic Shows
  • Outdoor Events
  • Country Bands
  • Rock Bands
  • Festivals
  • Biker Rallies
  • Concerts
  • Bar Gigs
  • Your Next Event

Rental Rates

The Stage Rite Sound Company's sound equipment rental rates depend on your specific needs. We have systems for large outdoor concerts as well as intimate wedding settings and everything in between. Our services are not only affordable, but precisely tailored to what you're looking for.

Keep in mind; all Stage Rite Sound Company PA systems are fully customizable. Simply contact us at (615) 293-8438, and we'll create a personalized, professional quote for your audio equipment rental.


Managing the sound setup for your concert or other events can be tricky. That's why as part of our sound equipment rentals, we provide the services of a qualified and experienced audio engineering expert. Our engineer will ensure that your venue has an amazing soundscape and that your guests or patrons will be able to clearly hear the band or presenter at your event. When setting up your sound equipment, our engineering team will use the latest techniques to ensure the highest sound quality throughout your venue. Contact us to learn more about the audio engineering solutions we have to offer for your event.


At Stage Rite Sound Company, we take pride in consistently delivering exceptional services and rental equipment to our customers. We want to ensure that you have the sound system setup that you need to make your event truly memorable while providing an exceptional listening experience for your guests. So, whether you need a full line-array system for a large concert stage or a more intimate set up for a wedding reception or anniversary party, our audio engineering professionals are always ready to provide the exceptional solutions that you require.

Our speaker rentals include:

Speaker Rental Nashville

CLub System

Sound System and Audio Equipment Rental in Nashville | Stage Rite Sound | Stage Sound Equipment Nashville, TN

Mid Size System

Music Gear for Rent in Nashville


Audio Equipment Rental Nashville

Intimate Setting  SYSTEM

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